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Fairytale Enchantment was founded to provide the highest quality princess entertainment to children and their families, a need that was not previously being met in our area.


Princesses are incredibly influential role models in our children’s lives. They teach us kindness, bravery, and to always follow our dreams. To meet their favorite princess can be a dream come true for your child, and often a lifelong memory. The bond between a child and their favorite princess is precious. Our purpose is to bring that connection to life.


At Fairytale Enchantment, we take character integrity very seriously. We understand the tremendous responsibility that princess performers have to bring characters to life in the most authentic way possible. Using years of knowledge and experience, we have invested the time, money, and attention necessary in creating a one of a kind, genuine princess experience for you and your child.


Fairytale Enchantment does not believe in “good enough”. We know that your children are smart and that they notice everything. Cutting corners when it comes to character integrity is disrespectful to them. If you are looking for the lowest cost option, regardless of quality, Fairytale Enchantment is not the princess company for you.


If you do intend to create the most magical experience possible for you and your child, no other company has more dedication to the art of princesses than we do. A Fairytale Enchantment princess party is guaranteed to be full of magic and dream-come-true moments.


You can trust in us to keep the magic alive for your child!

Our Cast

Abigail, Manager and Performer

Abigail first began working as a princess in 2014. Since then, she has worked with four different companies, including one of the top princess companies in Los Angeles. She has now brought together everything she has learned to start her own company here on the east coast. 


Abigail is a trained actor, singer, and dancer, having studied with one of the top vocal coaches and acting teachers in LA. She was also trained in how to perform as a princess by a former professional character entertainer who worked at a magical theme park. Since then, Abigail has become a trainer herself and has taught many people the art of “princessing” and how to portray a character.

Abigail first realized the impact that our favorite childhood characters can have on us when she met Cinderella at the age of 19. She had grown out of princesses by that point but Cinderella had always been her favorite when she was growing up. She was so moved by meeting her princess that out of nowhere she began to cry. It was then she realized the effect these characters can have on us through our lives.


Abigail believes the characters we look up to and love never leave us. Children will always remember the moment they got to meet their favorite character. After experiencing this for herself, Abigail felt inspired to create that same experience for others. Portraying such beloved characters is a big responsibility and she does not take it lightly.


Through her years of work in the industry Abigail has found each princess to be incredibly inspirational. They can teach us to be kind in the face of terrible cruelty. To find the light in any situation. To do whatever it takes to fulfill our dreams. They teach us patience. To not judge people by what you first think of them or how they look. To find the strength to stand up for yourself and for others. To love unconditionally. To do what’s right despite what others may be telling you. They teach us to never give up, even when it seems like there is no hope. Abigail feels very privileged to be able to teach these important messages to the children she meets!

Heidi, Performer

Heidi worked her first princess party on a whim in the summer of 2015. She arranged the party for a church fundraiser and sewed her own princess dress. Shortly after, she discovered that there are companies that arrange parties and supply costumes so that she wouldn’t have to do it all by herself. She joined her first princess company in 2016 where she met and was trained by Abigail. When Abigail left the company to launch her own business, she brought Heidi with her.


Heidi began doing theatre in middle school and acted throughout high school in shows such as Les Miserables, Chicago, and Legally Blonde. She studied fashion design for a year after graduating and enjoys helping Abigail make alterations to her princess dresses. She recently started acting again in a community theatre production of The Little Mermaid. She continues to take voice lessons and act in shows when she has the time.

Heidi grew up loving princesses and is so grateful to Abigail for letting her live her dream of being a princess herself. Her favorite princess is Giselle from Enchanted because she also enjoys impromptu singing and sewing dresses out of other people’s curtains.

Becky, Performer

Becky is new to the princessing world, only joining Fairytale Enchantment in the fall of 2017. She has always loved the princess movies because they showcase the importance of being kind, helpful, and forgiving, as well as reminding people it is ok to dream. Becky’s favorite princess is Beauty because she sees past appearances and finds the goodness in everyone she meets. 

Becky is a proud Providence College graduate where she studied voice and theatre. Since graduating, Becky has performed in professional and community theatre productions all over the tri-state area.


Becky also loves working with children. During the day she works in an elementary school where she tries to incorporate music, theatre, and of course, Disney in any way she can! Becky also works with the Falls Village Children’s Theatre directing and choreographing their spring musicals. She believes that theatre and music are extremely important in a child’s life because they can help a child grow into a confident and understanding person.

See more of Becky's work on YouTube!

Alexandra, Performer

Alex is so excited to be joining Fairytale Enchantment as a performer! Growing up loving princesses and their songs, it is no surprise they have remained a big part of Alex’s life, and she is thrilled to now be sharing that with others!

Alex has trained in dance, acting, and theater since childhood, now moving on to study classical voice in higher education. Some past performances include, West Side Story, Les Miserables, Carousel, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast (where Alex first met Abigail!) Alex also has had the opportunity to sing at the Metropolitan Opera House as a soloist in choir, and looks forward to pursing her career of theater and opera!

Alex’s favorite part about princesses is all their wonderful songs that express how unique and inspirational each of them are. She has always especially loved Mulan, for inspiring her to remain strong and do the right thing, even if that means being different.

Lexi, Performer

Lexi is delighted to be joining the Fairytale Enchantment family as a performer!

She is an Elementary Education major at Bridgewater State University and loves working with children. Lexi joined the Fairytale Enchantment family in August of 2018 and loves being able to create magic with so many wonderful cast members. She hopes to participate in many more performances and bring smiles to many more faces during her time with the company.


She has been involved in musical theatre since she was 12 years old. She has been in the dance company for many different theatrical performances and has also played several different leads, not only for school theatre companies, but also many different community theatre companies throughout Rhode Island.


Ever since she was young, Lexi has always dreamed of becoming a princess, as many young ones do, and has always loved the amazing values that they stand for, like working hard and not giving up your dreams. Her favorite princesses are Moana and Rapunzel because of their determination, silly personalities and their longing for adventure.

Catherine, Royal Attendant

Catherine is delighted to be a part of the incredible Fairytale Enchantment team as a performer. Princesses have had a significant impact on Catherine growing up, each one daring her to dream big and reminding her to always believe in herself. To this day, she continues to look to her Princesses as inspiration and role models.

Catherine is very passionate about the arts, and is currently an Arts Merit Scholar studying theatre at Bucknell University. Some of her favorite productions have been Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Crazy for You, The Wedding Singer, and Little Shop of Horrors. She recently was the choreographer for the Warner Theatre Summer Arts Program production of Aristocats Kids.

Catherine has immense love for all the princesses, but her absolute favorite has always been Beauty. As a little girl, Catherine loved acting out the story in front of her family in her kitchen. Beauty taught her the importance of kindness, learning, curiosity, being open minded, and staying true to who you are. Catherine believes Princesses are timeless, instilling great values in both children and adults. 

Gaylen, Photographer and Graphic Designer

Gaylen is our fearless photographer and graphic designer. She is responsible for all of the gorgeous photos on our website and the designs you'll see on any of our marketing materials.

Gaylen has always had a passion for art in all of its forms. She enjoys drawing, painting, and sculpting in addition to photography.

Gaylen has a degree in Media Arts from the University of Hartford and in addition to working with Fairytale Enchantment provides her services to theaters all over Connecticut.

Gaylen grew up on fairytales in all their forms, and continues to love them for the joy and magic they bestow upon children. Being able to capture that on film is to show the world that there will always be magic!

Gaylen's photography services are available by contacting her at g.ferstand@gmail.com.

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